Our QR-Code API allows you to generate QR codes by simply calling a URL. By making a request to https://qr.73.nu/{request}, you will receive a QR code image in PNG format. This convenient API enables you to embed the generated QR code directly into your webpages or applications.

QR codes are versatile and widely used for various purposes, such as storing URLs, contact information, or product details. With our API, you can dynamically create QR codes on the fly, enhancing the user experience and facilitating seamless information sharing.

Integrate our QR-Code API into your projects effortlessly and leverage the power of QR codes to enhance your application's functionality.

To maintain service quality, we've implemented rate limiting for QR code generation. Users can initially create 5 QR codes in quick succession for typical usage. After this, generation capacity regains one QR code allowance every 2 seconds. This rate limiting is enforced per IP address, ensuring fair and efficient service for all users.